Innovations in HVAC

Hello everyone,

My name is Dave and I welcome you to Black Duck Industry's home page. We are a start-up company that has patented heating and cooling duct technology that will change the world for the better, in more ways than you can imagine.

Our goal for Black Duck Industries is to be a world leader in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) industry, with products I have developed and patented. These products will completely change the industry because this segment of HVAC has not seen improvement in well... forever!

With our innovative duct technology, we have the vehicle that will allow us to clean up a significant portion of indoor air pollution in our homes, workplaces and public buildings that have been making us sick since the introduction of ducted heating systems well over 100 years ago.

I am very confident that fuel savings of 30% or more can be achieved in most buildings in the world, and create a more comfortable indoor environment using Black Duct HVAC systems. In addition to saving fuel, another direct benefit is a reduction in outdoor pollution as well. Systems will burn less fuel, saving energy dollars, pollute less, and BDI can use recycled plastic in the manufacturing process. It's a win-win-win for everyone !

Black Duct will work with any heating or cooling equipment and enhance the entire HVAC system by utilizing the most efficient duct system available. Heated or cooled air needs to be moved through a duct system that will convey this air to every corner of buildings it services. Black Duct is the premier product that can do the job in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible in any building in the world.

Thank you!

David J. Carpinetti
Pres. & CEO
Black Duck Industries, Inc.